Image of Angels' Eyes Tear-Stain Eliminator for Dogs

Angels' Eyes Tear-Stain Eliminator for Dogs


•Eliminates unsightly tearstains from the inside out
•Helps to eliminate staining around the mouth and coat due to licking
•Starts working before the tear stains begin
•Safe for your pet, no harmful dyes
•Very palatable chicken flavored powder can be added to food or water

Simply sprinkle daily on the pet food; after three months, reduce it to four times a week; after six months, reduce it further to twice a week. The pet's coat should be completely tear-stain free anywhere from three to five weeks.

Puppies (up to 3 months): 1/8 tsp. daily, Dogs 8 to 12 lbs: 3/4 tsp. daily, Dogs 2 to 5 lbs: 1/4 tsp. daily, Dogs 12 lbs & up: 1 tsp. daily, Dogs 5 to 8 lbs: 1/2 tsp. daily.

Angel Eyes is safe during pregnancy and for puppies over 6 weeks old. For those pets who have allergies to beef, this is a special chicken formula.

Size: 30 grams