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*SALE*Dirty & Hairy PROTECT Green Tea & Lime Moisturizing Conditioner

$9.00 - On Sale

Follow up your doggie bath with a little conditioner. Even dirty dogs deserve great coats!

Great for making fur silky-smooth and helping repel fleas...naturally.

Dirty & Hairy's conditioning rinse moisturizes short fur, and detangles longer hair. Made with top of the line ingredients naturally derived from vegetable oils, this conditioner has inherent moisturizing properties, to leave your dog luxuriously soft. The fresh-smelling formula leaves the coat shiny and soft while repelling bugs, ticks, and fleas.

• Naturally derived from vegetable oils
• Competitive pricing for natural formulas
• Infused with citronella to repel bugs and fleas...naturally!
• No harsh detergents or artificial colors

Comes in a 16 oz flip top container, for easy pouring.


Water, Vegetable Derived Conditioner Base, Fragrance, Conditioning Agent, Preservative Mixture, Citric Acid, Citronella Oil.

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