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Dirty & Hairy PROTECT Natural Shampoo - Green Tea & Lime


When a mere hose-down isn't going to remedy the muddy mess.

For a sudden impact that will wash away the grime with magnum force, yet be gentle on your dog's skin.
A MUST for outdoor or active dog!
Naturally repels insects.
Take advantage of our Super Saver Deal and add Dirty & Hairy Protect Natural Conditioner for 5.50! An incredible savings!

Product Description:
Infused with citronella, Dirty and Hairy's shampoo will cleanse and condition your dog while naturally repelling bugs, ticks and fleas without the use of pyrethrin-based pesticides.

Made with a mild, puppy-safe coconut base, Dirty & Hairy's gentle cleansing agents remove dirt and grime without stripping your pet's skin of natural oils. It will not wash out spot-on flea and tick control products. There are no harsh detergents or artificial colors. And the natural, human-grade ingredients are **safe for people, puppies and other pets**.

Available in a 16oz flip top container, for easy pouring.

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